Beauty Tip of The Week #BTOTW

#HydrationProteinTreatment Ever wonder why your hair feels brittle or goes through a lot of breakage? Well the Hydration Protein Treatment just may be what you have been missing. I use the Moroccan oil line for this treatment and it is super fantastic. I have helped reconstruct so many of my clients hair and now they have a full head of healthy, strong, replenished hair. The Hydration Protein Treatment requires the use of the steamer, which then allows the pores to become […]

Beauty Tip of The Week #BTOTW

#PhytoSpecific Clients come in daily looking for an all natural product that will protect and keep their hair healthy. I offer a few different products but I always recommend the Phyto Specific line. Phyto is a great line that i’ve found to be phenomenal for clients that want to transition from natural to relaxed hair. Phyto’s Specific relaxer is also good for clients that like to frequently color their hair. Out of my regular clientele I have 85% of clients […]

Paula Britt

Innovator and Trendsetter are just a few words that describe Blendz Salon owner, Paula Britt. Armed with intuition and ambition, Paula made her way among Atlanta’s Hair elite as a natural, raw talent and knew her niche would be as owner of a salon. The affirmation would be her cult following: short hair wearers with funky cuts, spiked ends, precision tapered soft styles with movement, a depth of color, and vibrant, healthy hair. Not only were the results her signature […]